Does your Rechargeable LED Vest Work in the cold or in rain?

In Canada, the shorter darker days are often accompanied by cold weather, rain, and even snow. So how does our rechargeable LED Vest (the VizyVest) hold up in these conditions?

COLD WEATHER: How does the VizyVest do in the cold? We often get asked this question. In Canada, certain areas can regularly reach -20 Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit) so this is a great question!

Our product has been tested in -38 Degrees Celsius in Canada. So in short, yes it does work in the cold.

The VizyVest is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which in normal conditions gives the vest up to 10 hours of life. Like any battery, cold weather can impact battery life. In extreme temperatures, like -20 Celsius, you will still be able to get several hours of battery life from your vest. This means you'll be recharging your vest more often than usual, but in return, you'll be able to enjoy the extreme visibility that the VizyVest brings on those cold winter evenings!

SWEAT & RAINPROOF: Does the VizyVest work in torrential rain?

Yes. The VizyVest works great in the rain! Being based in Vancouver this was an essential consideration when the vest was designed. It's sealed in the right places to ensure that you can use it in the rain and snow!

Please note that the product is not waterproof and cannot/shouldn't be submerged in water. 

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