New Feature Update & Instructions: Low Battery Indicator.

Certain VizyVest models that were purchased between October & November 2019 have an updated feature. Please read the following blog post to better understand this feature. 

This is additional VizyVest Charging/Battery information that may be related to your product purchase:

  • The VizyVest will quickly flash red 5X when your battery is getting low (<35%.) It will continue to do so in 15-minute intervals. If your Chest Lamp is on it will turn off briefly while the Vest flashes red. After this low battery indication, the VizyVest will return to regular functionality. Please plug in to charge until indicator light at USB port turns green.
  • Depending on the weather conditions you are in / what mode your VizyVest is on it may still last up to 1.5 hours after the first indicator light comes on. 

 Please also note the following information on battery life:

  • If your Chest Lamp is on maximum brightness and the vest is locked onto a colour you are draining the battery the quickest. In this high output state and on a full charge you may notice the low battery indicator light start its intervals within ~1.5 hours of use. If you’re anticipating to use both the Chest Lamp & the LED Vest we suggest fully charging it before each use.
  • If you have the Chest Lamp off and the vest in a colour rotating mode the battery will last much longer and this indicator light could take up to 6 hours before it starts.  
  • Cold weather impacts all lithium-ion battery life. As the vest is not in the warmth of your pocket (like your phone may be) the cold can impact how long the vest lasts and how early the indicator light comes on. This can change the above-noted numbers. Typically, anything below 0 Degrees Celsius will have an impact on lithium-ion battery life.

If you have any questions or comments please email us We are here to help 7 days a week!