Rechargeable LED Vest - The VizyVest

The VizyVest is a Rechargeable LED Vest designed for nighttime or early morning walking, running and biking. If you are out on the roads when the sun is down you must consider doing everything you can in order to be visible. The VizyVest was designed exactly for this. In this blog post, we will go over some of the features on the VizyVest that will help keep you safe at night.

1) The LED Cords

The VizyVest has LED Cords that can flash multiple different colors or lock onto one of the colors. It fits over the user's shoulders like a Vest and is fastened down by 2 lock buttons that prevent them from sliding off your shoulder. 

These are designed in such a way that someone wearing the VizyVest will be seen from 360 degrees. Most nighttime running, walking or biking gear on the market rely on headlights to hit a reflective strip before the user can be seen. With the LED Vest emitting ultra bright colors your odds of being seen are extremely high. By wearing the VizyVest you can be seen from up to 1KM away by drivers, cyclists or other pedestrians. 

2) The 3M Chest Strap

The Chest Strap is what helps keep the VizyVest in place. It is fully adjustable, attaches right to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery and keeps the LED Vest flush to your body. (You'll hardly notice you're wearing it.) The Chest Strap has a 3M Reflective Strip along with it for an added level of visibility. Have a look at the photo below to see how effective the 3M strap really is!

LED Vest

3) 160 Lumen Chest Lamp

Additional to the LED Vest component we've added a 160 Lumen Chest Lamp to the front. This has 2 uses: it helps you see what's ahead and also helps others see you. Make sure to tilt the Chest Lamp down (or switch to the dimmer mode) when passing by others who are incoming as it is a very bright light.

Chest Lamp Bonus Info! Here are answers to 2 questions we get a lot about the Chest Lamp:
1- Yes you can turn it off and only have the LED Vest running. You do not need to have the Chest Lamp on if you don't want to.
2- It does not flash. It can be cycled through 3 modes: A steady full brightness mode (160 Lumens), a steady dimmer mode and OFF.


We hope that this blog post helps highlight the features on the VizyVest that will keep you visible to others at nighttime or early in the morning. It is critical to do as much as possible to help you be seen on the roads. The days are short especially around Day Light Savings Time and it is important to stay safe while getting out on your post-work evening run!

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