4 Things To Know About The VizyVest Chest Lamp

The VizyVest isn't only a rechargeable flashing LED Vest, it also comes with a built-in 160-lumen chest lamp. As we've gotten several questions about the rechargeable Chest Lamp we wanted to answer some of these FAQs in a quick blog post.

Here are a few useful things to know about the Chest Lamp:

  1. There are two modes for it: one ultra bight mode and also a dimmer mode. The ultra bright mode is strong and can light up the street or trail in front of you @ 160 lumens. 
  2. It's adjustable. You can angle the light at your feet so you can see exactly where you are stepping at night or choose to point it further ahead. 
  3. It's wired into the rechargeable battery. With the Chest Lamp on & the LED Vest flashing you will get around 8-10 hours of battery life per charge.
  4. You can choose to have it off. The Chest Lamp does not need to be on while you are running. Use it when you need it!

We hope that helps answer some of your questions about the Chest Lamp on the VizyVest! If you have any more email us anytime at !